Margo & Me

Hi Everyone! Exciting news! I have launched a new website called Margo & Me - a blog that chronicles the style adventures of me and my french bulldog, Margo.  Since Margo stepped foot into our family two and a half years ago, she has been camera ready, fashion savvy and isn't afraid to voice her approval of my outfits. There's a scale. One head tilt is good, two head tilts is very good. There's only been one actual smile on record and that was for Celene in 2011. If she doesn't like it, she shakes her head. Then of course there's the snort... 

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Golden Globes | Film Fashionistas

I really do love my job!
Congratulations to my Film Fashion ladies for these specular placements at the Golden Globes!! Oscars, here we come!

Golden Globes | Glitzy Greens

New York Magazine

Click HERE to see me in New York Magazines blog, The Cut!

My Close Up

A close friend of mine is a great photographer and even more amazing photoblogger, EvaLota who's blog is She has been interviewing and photographing stylists as a way to add sometime new to her blog and she recently featured me :) It was such a fun experience, EvaLota and her two little girls always bring so much love to my day!

Rachel McAdams | Sultry and Sophisticated for InStyle

InStyle | November 2010

Olivia Palermo and Boyfriend | New Faces of MANGO

Olivia Palermo and model boyfriend Johannes Huebl are very easy on the eyes in MANGO's new advertising campaign. Olivia can be seen in the MANGO behind the scenes video describing her relationship with Johannes as being easy and comfortable and their on chemistry proves it. The images feel like a mix between Cruel Intentions and Gossip Girl.