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Meeting Mr. Schuman

Decked out in shoulder pads and a Bryce and Bouji skirt, I had the fashion night of a lifetime. Of all places, Scot Schuman was signing his book in the city that I reside in. Of all places; he was at the Beverly Center. A friend of a friend bought me a book because I retardly left mine in my friend’s car that lives a million miles away. We walk up about fifteen minutes after the official signing starts and the line was wrapped around not only the terrace that Mr. Schuman was signing in but the food court that it leads onto the terrace as well.

Not used to waiting in lines, my friend and I ask politely if it would be alright to meet our friend who had our books and was conveniently in line maybe three people before Scott. The lady kindly escorted us in and there he was. Like a fashion knight in shining armor, I hadn’t rehearsed what I was going to say however I knew that he was the one who had inspired me to do what you are reading and seeing on my blog. I insisted that I go last. Business card in hand, I walk up to him. I introduced myself. I shook his hand. He commented that my shoulder pads were Balmain-esk and I said, “I wish”(I was wearing a Zara shirt). He said my name was more beautiful than his…again, I said “I wish”…I was speechless until I remembered that I wanted to hand him my card. Sly like a fox, I pulled it out, holding it in my right hand I said, “I know you probably get one hundred of these a day but I am here because of you and this card represents the blog I started from your inspiration and I thank you for that”. From there Scott took my card and said, “I appreciate your style and will fold the corner of your card so that I remember to take a look” and that was that.

I didn’t even take the time to pose for a picture I was so caught up in the moment. Redic right? How lucky am I that I live in one of the THREE US cities that he is doing a book signing in? Seriously! So dapper! Love love love!!!!!! Here is the book!!! Cherry on top of my already amazing book collection.

As one of the most influential writers and photographers I have ever had the chance to meet, I have to address one of the inserts that Mr. Schuman has written about in his book. “Its all about self-expression. I rarely shoot a look where I love all the elements. I don’t need to love the whole look; I just need to identify with one or two elements that mean something to me, and then capture it in the most romantic way I see. In that way I think I am ‘visually greedy’. Visually greedy…that’s a new and interesting term that sparks something in my mind. What does ‘Visually greedy’ mean? To me, it explains someone who appreciates the small individual influences in an ensemble. Who would have thought that I would have a chance to meet him? I with I had on hundred more questions lined up for him. I can only hope that he looks at my interpretation of style because his style of photography is what influenced me to begin this blog.

Photo credit: www.histyley.com

Tinsley Mortimer

Tinsley Mortimer, New York socialite royalty and quite the label whore. Not quite the household name, Tinsley is often described as “one of the most famous faces of the New York Scene”. Her southern bell upbringing had her enrolled in all the most prestigious boarding schools and after she received a degree from Columbia, she had her eyes set on Vogue Magazine. Her position as fashion and beauty assistant eventually opened many doors for her in the fashion industry. As any good socialite would do, she branded herself and launched a handbag collection, became beauty ambassador for Christian Dior and eventually designed her own collection of clothing called Riccimie by Tinsley Mortimer, which you can find exclusively in Japan.

Tinsleys style screams Upper East Side sophisticate in the best way possible. The 33 year old can be found looking stunning as always front row at fashion week, in the pages of Harpers Bazaar and of course at any and every event that is a must attend. I think I might like her even more because she is peanut size, just like me ☺

The pictures below are from a feature Harpers Bazaar did on Tinsley’s home. Can you say chic!

Images from Style.com Images from Harpersbaazar.com

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Enough said?

Designer Duds | Lanvin Paris

As one of STYLE.COM’s top ten Spring 2010 collections, the Lanvin show was a toss up between ladylike suit styles and draped dresses with glitzy embellishments. Mildly obsessed with the dresses above. Don’t forget to check out the shoes. How cute are the turquoise heals with that one outfit?

Ready for your closeup? The Sartorialist

sar⋅to⋅ri⋅al /sɑrˈtɔriəl, -ˈtoʊr-/ 1. Of or pertaining to clothing or style or manner of dress: sartorial splendor.

list /lɪst/ 1. A series of items written or printed together in a meaningful grouping or sequence so as to constitute a record.

If the name Scott Schuman is synonymous with The Sartorialist than you have been doing your homework. His distinct snapshots are not so hard to come by as nearly every fashion blogger uses them as a reference, at least twice. A true foxhound for capturing moments in street fashion that belong on the runway, this photographer is a style icon in his own right and was selected as one of Time Magazine’s Top 100 Design Influencers.

His portraits are ripe with a perfect mixture of backlight and the element of surprise. Each subjects is noticeable en route to an extraordinary extravaganza however seemingly flattered by the smirk they give Schuman as he snaps away. He captures the true nature of his subjects, natural expressions, unanticipated movements and honest individual characteristics.

Just as any great artist, his talent for capturing the perfect moment in style came to him unintentionally. He simply wanted to share photos of people he saw on the streets of New York that he thought looked great through his blog. I wonder if the sudden attention he received had him surprised.

Schuman is currently on a book tour for his collection of acclaimed images. It’s a fashion enthusiast's must have, this season and next. http://search.barnesandnoble.com/The-Sartorialist/Scott-Schuman

Model Muse: Abbey Lee

Australian's and Swede’s are what beautiful models are made of and Abbey Lee is no exception. At 22, the Melbourne native has nailed the awkward-pretty look. Not sure if the tattoos and nose rings are to give her angelic look an edge...but I like it. She has graced the cover of Australian vogue, twice. Walked for Chanel, Givenchy, Versace, Fendi and Dior. Posed as the face of Gucci and Chloe. Featured in V Magazine,W, Harpers Bazaar and Numero.

Her look is as versatile as a pair of Chanel sunglasses on a summer day. My favorite look on Abbey is soft and flirtatious.

Designer Duds | Chanel

Wispy updoos sparkled and flirty smirks were flaunted in Paris at the Grand Palas. Chanel’s Spring 2010 collection was barnyard chic, fully equipped with a harvest of hay. Models look sheepish and shy in a very neutral color pallet. As leggy as ladylike gets, there is no denying that the spring collection evokes a naughty innocence through Chanel’s signature repertoire of jackets, lace, plaids, and basket weaves.

It seems as though Mr. Lagerfeld took a nod from Switzerland’s leading ladies in lace up clogs because that’s about all he sent down the runway. Can’t say I am a fan however I must respect his well-regarded decision.

A few of my favorites from the Parisian parade are shown above however I am just smitten with hair and makeup from this show.

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Ring: Dannijo $385 Necklace: Fiona Paxton $300 Skirt: Free People Ruffle Mini $58 Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti Suede Bootie $650 Clutch: Stella McCartney Crackle Lizard Classic Clutch $515 Shirt: Torn by Ronny Kobo $143

Earings: House of Harlow 1960 $40 Ring: Keneth Jay Lane Fancy Cut Ring $78 Tee Shirt: National Heather Tee $90 Skirt: Rachel Pally $140 Boots: Vintage Jacket: SOWARD Novara Leather Jacket Purse: Vintage Chanel

Designer Duds | Milly

My introduction to Milly came about seven years ago as I sat on the forefront of style sophistication. Collections like Milly have a Chanel like attribute to the classic detail that each piece embodies and this is not by mistake. Designer and founder of Milly, Michelle Smith began her career in fashion houses like Dior and Hermes.

The Spring 2010 collection in particular has grabbed my attention. I blame it on the mondo hair bows that each of the outfits are paired with. The statement pieces from this collection are unmistakeably Michelle Smith's personal collectoin of costume jewelry which she decorated her models in before they trotted down the runway. The collection is conspicuously ladylike.

Fit for a weekend at the Parker in Palm Springs, this collection is feminine sophistication at it's finest.