Birthday Bash!

Happy Birthday to me! Cant wait for my masquerade birthday party!

Dressing for the SAG Awards

I mentioned in my last post that my new job as stylist assistant had me dressing the stars today for the SAG awards. To my delight the actress that I helped ready for the awards is receiving tons of press for the red outfit she wore on the Red Carpet! Mariana Kleveno might play a mean vampire on the HBO show True Blood but she is a total sweetheart, and knockout in person! Getting Mariana dressed for the red carpet this morning along with hair and makeup was out of this world! She is the essence of classic Hollywood glamor. How do you like the look?

Happy Birthday Sister!

Happy Birthday Mellie! I hope you day was filled with happiness! I wish I could be with you to celebrate! I love you to the moonshine and back!!!!

Outfits That Work!

I can't believe an entire WEEK has gone by since my last post! Work has been such an amazing experience and I have been so busy with photo shoots, shopping, filming and lifting peoples spirits:) The show that I am working on is a makeover show on the WE network. Not to be cheesy, but it's so much fun! The show takes a mother daughter duo and gives them both a full makeover. My job is to shop with them and outfit them in their new looks that will be featured on the show. These mother daughter duos aren't completely unfortunate but it feels amazing to work with people who don't shop because they don't know how to dress themselves. It is almost like I am helping them find their inner fashionista!!!! Did I mention that I have been blessed with an angel for a boss? She might just be the funniest and sweetest bite size person I have ever worked with. Thank you April for everything!

I hope you enjoy this post! I'm off to bedskies cause I have a big day tomorrow dressing the stars for the Sags!


Birds of a Feather...

As you know, my number one tip for having a great 2010 was to fall in love. The image that I used for this tip was far from a loan star. The image actually comes from a series of photos that were taken for Teen Vogue back in 2008. So go ahead and fall in love with this photo shoot if falling in love with anything else seems more daunting ; )

Last Lazy Day of Unemployment

I went on an adventure to China Town yesterday and had myself some delicious dim sun. Today however, I will be doing nothing but blogging and laying in bed as it is my last day of unemployment! Hip Hip Hooray!!!! That's right, I landed myself a full time assistant styling gig and I am already booked to work this whole week! Wish me luck!

Masquerade Masquerade!

Via Pearls of Wisdom

Shoe Fetish?

Via The Style Spy

Totally in love with these shots from Maria Dawlat.

Now and Then | Supermodels

Sigh! How stunning! Even after twenty years, these original supermodels, now in their forties, are stealing covers of magazines and are looking more gorgeous than ever. The young pictures of Elle, Cindy, Claudia and Kate are similar to the ones that my sister used to have postered on her walls in the early 1990's. Oh how times have changed! Thank you Freddie, for the amazing inspiration!

Whats in Yours?

A girls purse says a lot about who she is. I think about all the junk that I keep in my purse and it might just add up to a ten pound bag! Carrying that around is a daily work out in itself! So tell me...would you be willing to empty yours?

DRUM ROLL PLEASE | And The 2009 Style Awards Go To....

Ever year we have our muses to thank for making the trends wearable and 2009 was no excuse. In my eyes, these leading ladies caught my attention from the get go and I always find myself trying to emulate their exquisite style, no matter what the occasion.

FIFI Abroad

One of my favorite bloggers has and always will be Fifi Lapin. Her originality and artistic ability seizes to amaze me after all of these years. I cam upon one of her new series which features FIFI traveling the globe. This little bunny has seen more places than me! To visit FIFI, click HERE

5 Tips for a Great 2010

A New Year means new opportunities right? Here are five great tips that will certainly lead you to a more enjoyably 2010!