Outfits That Work!

I can't believe an entire WEEK has gone by since my last post! Work has been such an amazing experience and I have been so busy with photo shoots, shopping, filming and lifting peoples spirits:) The show that I am working on is a makeover show on the WE network. Not to be cheesy, but it's so much fun! The show takes a mother daughter duo and gives them both a full makeover. My job is to shop with them and outfit them in their new looks that will be featured on the show. These mother daughter duos aren't completely unfortunate but it feels amazing to work with people who don't shop because they don't know how to dress themselves. It is almost like I am helping them find their inner fashionista!!!! Did I mention that I have been blessed with an angel for a boss? She might just be the funniest and sweetest bite size person I have ever worked with. Thank you April for everything!

I hope you enjoy this post! I'm off to bedskies cause I have a big day tomorrow dressing the stars for the Sags!



  1. Jenny, Do you have an interest in doing something like this for the over 40 crowd? It sure would be helpful! Thanks, Mom

  2. It is so true, that many of us don't know how to shop for ourselves. I love checking out everything you have to show and say.