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My two great loves in life are fashion and interiors. If you think about it, coordinating an outfit is similar to coordinating a room. The colors, the fabrics, the accessories should all flow to complement each other. Decorating has always been a passion of mine which is why I would like to introduce a new section to my blog! Click on the lifestyle link in the upper right hand corner for some inspiration on how to make your home a bit more cozy. Enjoy!

Tricky Trends

As the seasons come and go, an endless amount of fads and trends seem to come and go with them. From shoulder pads to animal prints, plaids to metallics, it can be tricky deciding which of these trends to attempt. To get you through this winters trends, ask yourself these important questions when deciding which one is right for you. Who can pull it off, will the fit, color and fabric complement your existing style? What do you wear it with? Wear to shop for the right piece and how to get the trend to look right!

From top to bottom, Embellished belt: Topshop, Nixom Watch, Chloe Blouse, Giuseppe Zanotti Pumps, Falke Tights, DVF Heals, Silence and Noice Velvet Dress, Gorjina Gold Ring, Vintage Chanel Purse, Wayfarer Shades, Vintage Leopard Jacket, BDG Black Pants, Topshop Booties, Keneth Jay Lane Ring, Topshop Necklace, Keneth Jay Lane Ring, Torn Long Sleeve Shirt, Tory Burch Heals, Bardot Skirt.


So apparently I've been living under a rock as I am just discovering the GG obsession. The clothes, the drama, the music, NEW YORK! Ugghhh. Leightons style is stunning. To get her look without being too schoolgirl chic, invest in a few key pieces such as pattern tights, an embellished headband, and classic jewelry pieces. The structured blazer is a no brainer this season, why not add a little Blair flair to the fit? Don't forget the red lips! Thank you Ms. Merrell for exposing me to this fantastic obsession.


Gossip Girl

Effortlessly British Chic

I understand that I just did a post on Ms. Alexa but she is seriously a style icon of mine at the moment. J'adore.

Simply Seinna

Isn't she just divine? Exactly what I will be doing tonight, wine plus a bath tub, thats it. TGIF!

Sexy in Sequin Smoking Jackets

No to be confused with a circus ring leader's outfit, these are a few styles that actually make the sequin jacket look tres chic!

From right to left Topshop, Van Noten, Freda, Vintage, Phillip Lim, Dorothy Perkins.

True Art

Who ever said fashion is not art?

Courtesy of Dripbook

Shoe Addict?

Just what the doctor prescribed.

Cuff Love

What better way to dress up your wrists this holiday season? These mixed metals and gemstone embellished cuffs are an eye catcher on their own! Just be sure not to go overboard with the rest of the accessories!

From right to left: Juicy Couture $148, Juicy Couture $178, YSL $850, H&M $21, Alexis Bittar $545, H&M $21, Susan Hanover $170, R.J. Graziano $65, Oscar de la Renta $590, Dannijo $445, Devon Leigh $795, Forever 21 $8, Rachel Leigh $145, ABS by Allen Shwartz $75, Alexis Bittar $375

Tea Party Chaos

Chaos Magazine//Summer 2009

POP Your Color!

If you ask anyone, winters color palette naturally suggests rich colors such as a deep gray, a soft maroon and a royal blue. Certainly a flirty pallet of greens, magentas, purples and yellows are summers colors, right? Wrong! This winter is the season to search for a vibrant color that pops! Pair it with black and mix in some nude.

From left to right: Green Checkered Skirt: Diane Von Furstenberg $198, Asymmetrical Pink Dress: Cynthia Rowley $385, Blue Mini Skirt: Myne $198, Yellow Shift Dress: American Retro $402

Outfits paired by

Watch This!

Not just for the modern day time traveler, this multiple watch trend is suited for anyone who needs to be in a million different places at one time! Why else would they need all of those watches? But in all seriousness, I think the watch stacking is kind of ubber chic! Especially when all of the watched are from your grandpa's closet. You might just see me at the flea market next Sunday raiding the stashes.

Story of my life...

Thank you Belen...

Style Inspiration | Alexa Chung

Silence and Noise Jacket: Urban Outfiters $138, BDG Sailor Sweater: Urban Outfitters $46, TIBI Dress: Shopbop $395 , Deena & Ozzy Oxford Shoes: Urban Outfitters $50, Topshop Handbag $70

The Nature of...

My recent run in with Zooey Deschanel in 500 Days of Summer might have created an unhealthy obsession with the actress ability to make me wiggle my toes while laughing hysterically out loud. Her style is not what I would be typically drawn to however she pulls off a look that boarders iconic classics and modern hipster with her empire waist vintage prom dresses and over sized wayfarer shades. She has an affinity for sixty shifts and Dorothy shoes. Might just be a modern day Snow White.

Thank you Modcloth for the image.

Baby Blogger In The Making

I couldn't resist!

Photo courtesy of altamiranyc.

Bring it Back!

Does anyone else miss being able to find Polaroid film for less than $50 at Urban Outfitters? I think maybe Polaroid discontinued it to create a demand so that when they bring it back, people like me will run out and buy an entire stores inventory. I love the raw look of the lighting that Polaroid film brings to an image. Ohhhhh I miss it!

All You Need is Love....

Love is all you need.

Cutie Patootie

Love this look!

Attention to Details

I think I figured out what makes pieces eye catching and breathtaking. These details are complements of 1. Mario Schwab 2. Givenchy 3. Karl Lagerfeld 4. Stella McCartney 5. Vera Wang 6. Lanvin 7. Marc Jacobs 8. Christian Dior 9. Versace and 10. Lanvin.