Prints Charming

I have been infatuated with this season’s most undoubtedly funky trend and I just can’t get enough! Don’t get me wrong, denim has always been my go to but I can’t help but get excited when I see someone sporting printed pantaloons. Not a far cry from the harem pant, I’m obsessed because they almost cross the border into loungewear but are a fun way to jazz up any look! Be sure to wear a slim fitting shirt and maybe add a cropped jacket or blazer for contrast. When shopping for the perfect pair, you want a light weight fabric that is relaxed at the hips and tapered down to the ankle. Don’t be shy when choosing a pattern either, the bolder the better – stripes, graphic, floral and abstract prints are my personal favorites!
Am I onto something or do you hear MC Hammer calling me for his pants back?
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